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Originally Posted by slicer View Post
FYI - All of the positives you listed above are also available with a lease (except for the mileage restrictions).... You can modify a leased car all that you want (just need to return to stock at the end which you would do to any car that you traded in or sold anyway), you can also trade a leased car in at any time. Leases have a buyout option at any time during the term (no different than the outstanding loan balance on any type of financing); if the buyout is lower than the trade-in amount you walk away with cash, if not you pay the difference.

Plus there's the option for a lease transfer.

There are pros & cons to leasing but certainly an option to consider for some especially when BMW FS offers high residuals and respectable money factors. However with traditional finance rates at 1.45%, that's almost free money.