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Originally Posted by Alter Peter View Post
I know Alex, it's just that we Europeans hardly ever mod our cars, we still have my first new e28 from 1987 (my daughter drives her on a daily basis). So we purchase what we like and need and are happy with it. The mod seams to be more a North American desire and that is fine. I guess I should have not commented in the first place ... it's just funny to me to go thru all that expense for a few fractions of a second or even a second or two.

Nevertheless, there are the exceptions and I can understand if in the end all they care about is winning

Anyway I felt it necessary to bring along more beer and popcorn since this will go on for a bit I'm sure
Me too like you i purchase what I like and need and am happy with it , the difference between you and I is that when you look at a M3 , you see a 414hp car , me I see a car that can make 460hp with just a tune and test pipes !