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Originally Posted by bullitt5897 View Post
For the M5 they have already made 50rwhp more horses out of an ECU tune along with headers and cams and exhaust. I am talking BHP not RWHP. to get 500 rwhp would be about 550-575bhp which would be crazy!

About the ECU, we dont know all the details about the new system but I wouldnt believe it would be too far off from the M5 & M6 software. alot of what we are saying is pure speculation and theory. Only time will tell what will be possible. If we still disagree then to each his own
Are you sure that 10-15 of those ponys did not come from removal of the charcoal filter? I'd bet they did. I'd love to see some dynos or references to this as well. ECU on the M5 vs.M3: Yes I think they will be really close. Last but not least I got money on mkoesel's side!