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500 hp

Originally Posted by mkoesel View Post
Still don't agree with that.

I'm sure someone will eventually figure it out but it will not be easy. Heck cams and injectors require you to crack the motor and already that is not "easy". You have to remember this is a 60k car with parts that are priced stratospherically and often times take a while to obtain. Its not like a MOD powered Mustang where if you break something while poking around you just go down to the local Ford dealership and buy one from stock.
Well you have to get into the heads but not sure if that qualifies as "cracking". Doesn't that generally mean opening up the lower end? Either way I agree that cams, injectors, exhaust and intake won't get you 80 hp. You may get close to that but you'd also probably destroy the driveability and much of the DD ability of the car.

P.S. I have done all of those things to my E36 (less cat elimination) and it is simply too much, just like the go cart stiff aftermarket suspension I've done. All my engine mods should have got me about 50 hp. My 0-60s are fair but the G tech doesn't show nearly as many ponies as I expect....