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Ok guys this is how it is.... If you go Dogears route, absolutely no cutting will be done being that fabspeeds expipe and HFC connect together via Vclamps. I chose not to go with the HFC and just did their xpipe. The stock xpipe is welded together with the primary cats so u need to cut where that welding point is, then u basically slide the fabspeed xpipe over the tips of the end of the first cat pipes and clamp it together. Now if u wanted to go back to stock, of course it can b done, but clamps will need to b used and the tips of the stock xpipe may need to b widened so they can fit over the attaching part and then clamped together. I am pretty sure no one will ever wanna go back to stock tho lol.

As far as the sound goes, I wanna take a good video clip, just trying to figure out how since Im parked in the city right now lol. But the sound is just incredible. If u wanna keep it low, just shift before 4.5k rpms and it will basically sound close to stock (remus race stock) Once u get on it, above 4.5k thats where it starts to shine. The sound is kinda deep at first and then a little raspier, nothing like the e46 M3 tho. At WOT its a beast. U can deff feel the power difference as well, big time. Redligning first and going on to second is music to ur ears, seriously insane.

Anyone who is local and want to meet up, ur more then welcome to.
ddot, I know what ur looking for, give remus and fabspeed a call now and order cause ur gonna love this, Ill bet anything.