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At Thunderhill this entire weekend with a full set of brand new RE-71Rs and my 2 old front RE-71Rs. I am not looking to repeat last Sunday

I did have an interesting bugbear on the way up from San Francisco. I had the add one quart of oil light go off, so I dutifully added half a quart (I add half because sometimes when I've added a full quart I get the overfilled indicator).

Reset and kept getting the add quart light. Was really getting irritated after pulling over and checking to see I wasn't leaking anywhere and resetting it a few times. After resetting twice and not getting anything other than the add 1 quart, I took out the automatic OBD, reset, turned the car off then started up again. I just pulled into the hotel when it finished up and said it was full. Seriously hate that thing - wish I had a real dipstick too.