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Thumbs up Dinan's running a sale, so I visited Morgan Hill

And I got my badge! I have their ECU update, replaced an AFE wet with their intake, and installed their exhaust cat-back system. I did the ECU a few months ago, which had a minor impact on performance, the exhaust at Dinan and the intake later that day. The exhaust improved the car somewhat, and the intake also provided an improvement. Together, all of the mods made a very noticeable difference, especially in the top half of the rev range. I think I've got a bit of a ringer motor based on my dyno sheet, which was done while the car had the ECU and filter on it.

Generally speaking I presume that mods outside cat gutting and/or FI will be mostly auditory and visual in nature. I did not expect such a substantial butt-dyno improvement from the exhaust and intake, but I am very pleased with the result. Since I have the opportunity to visit the same dyno next weekend I'm going to run it again and see how it does.

I also got a chance to meet Steve Dinan, who is very interesting to talk to. His business is the most professional tuner business I've ever seen, and I now have an even greater appreciation for their no-bullshit approach to safely tuning these cars.