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Buying advice question

Looking to buy an e92 m3 and was wondering what's the opinion out there. Unfortunately, I have a budget of $25k, that's pushing it and I would like to buy a 2011 to 2013 m3 with less than 75k miles, comp, and tech package if possible, manual and my color of choice white. Doesn't have to have a cf roof, don't really care for that. So my question is, going by KBB prices I see that it would be possible to find what I'm looking for but when you do a search you see a bunch of then for more than $30k which to me I think they are overpriced. The question is, is it better to buy a higher mileage (over 100k) car in good shape and save the money for the mechanical updates or buying lower miles and pay a premium and spend anyway to update parts like RB's and TA's?
Thanks in advance for any advice.