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Originally Posted by Emilime75 View Post
The influx here in the past few years has been crazy.

Commutes now take 2-4 times longer, the infastructure was overwhelmed a decade ago, today it's a nightmare. Interstates are always jammed, roads twist and turn and dead end out of nowhere making for very few ways to get across town. Very few bridges over lakes and rivers...I live a couple of miles from a river, but to get to somewhere right across it, I have to drive at least an hour and make a ridiculous loop through the most congested part of town, and I'm not far out, still in Metro/Davidson County(Nashville).

Housing has sky rocketed. Homes now cost about double what they did 5 years ago. There are literal bidding wars on shacks and sellers end up getting more than asking price because there isn't enough stock for the demand. Rent is the same, as well as any suburb within an hour+ out from City center.

There is constant construction going on because they keep building to take advantage of the influx, but that just adds to the chaos.

The car community sucks.

Lack of culture. It's either chain restaurants, or douchey, upscale crap that is nowhere near worthy of their prices and/or attitude. Very few genuine, privately owned places. Very little choices in cuisine. No museums worth mentioning.

Overall, people suck. If anyone tries to feed you some of that good ol' southern hospitality bullshit, they're full of it.

On the flip side, if you're into outdoorsy stuff and music, it's a decent place. Tons of state parks, hiking trails, swimming holes, lakes, rivers, caves...all close enough to make it a day trip. Lots of music acts come here, and there are a good number of venues ranging from small/intimate, to arenas...but, those smaller places all have terrible sound and going to see a s how at them is miserable(I'm a self admitted snob when it comes to that). Arena shows are like anywhere else.
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