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Technically, a hero is somebody who accomplish great feats for his people that will save the day for his/her community. So technically you can have a football hero who will accomplish great things on the gridiron to help his team win games and/or championships.

That said, I agree with the OP that people overinvest in the sports players at the expense of the other crafts/professions that actually put their life in danger. I love NFL footbal and I am a big Patriots fan and I was disappointed when they lost in the playoffs but five minutes later I was off doing something else. Too many people have their sense of self-worth go through professional sports and that is not healthy.

Only in the Los Angeles area people have their sense of self-worth not go through NFL footbal and that is why the NFL can't find its way back to LA. Sadly, the people of Los Angeles have their sense of self-worth go through Hollywood and that is even less healthy.

Go Patriots.

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