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Originally Posted by DC5ITR88 View Post
In my opinion the 5d Mark II or any 5d is a toy compared to the 1d. Given my statement I have a 1ds-mark III. Full frames are great for taking landscape pictures. If you want to make huge prints I would go with a full frame but a crop camera would be sufficient IF YOU WERE TAKING PICTURES OF JUST CARS.
1. The Canon 1DsMKIII and Nikon D3X no longer make sense at their crazy 8K price point. Many pros are realizing this and getting 2 5Ds or 2 D700s for cheaper. IMHO, the only need for a 1Ds or D3X is if you really need dual card support, faster AF off-center point, and better weather sealing. Otherwise, it's hard to justify the 5K more. I had numerous Canon DSLRs over the years - from the 10D - 1DsMKII (and 1DMKIII) as well as the Nikon D3. The winner these days is the 5DMKII / D700 with primes.

2. Full frame is not just for landscapes. Full frame allows for shallower DOF, use of wide angles in non-landscape situations, etc. There's a lot more to it. I've shot events/weddings/sports before, and full frame is the way to go.