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DIY Spark plug change 09 W/ VF supercharger

Didnt take any pics, but figure I will just get a thread going where I give some tips, and others can chime in about doing spark plugs on a SC'd S65.
Get the good, thick 7 or 9mm gloves, because this job will scrape up your forearms and knuckles.
Removal of intake piping at the supercharger has to come off. You can get away with undoing the two large hoses and one smaller hose, and then pull the intake up through the engine bay.
Luckily plenum does not need to come off, so be happy about this.
Cylinders 1-4 and 5-7 are basically super easy. You can use a couple of long extensions to remove the plugs along with a 5/8 spark plug socket.
I use the spark plug socket to place new plug in and begin to thread it, but finish with standard 5/8 or 16mm socket.
I did not waste my money on any sort of coil puller, but instead used a length of 14 gauge wire and wrapped it around the top of the coil, twised, wiggled and pulled to remove coil.
I had two coils which had broken off tops, so there I had to use a screwdriver to pry a bit.
If any of the coils seem to not want to budge, try rotating in 45-90 degree increments to try to break the seal.
When re-installing coils make sure you have a proper seal, otherwise that coil is not fully on the spark plug. You will know if you lightly tug on the coil, if it moves it is not in.
Coils on 4 and 8 were tough to get fully installed, so I used a rubber mallet, screwdriver, and a microfiber cloth on top of the coil and gently tapped it home.
When re-installing the supercharger make sure you plug back in all 3 hoses, especially the small one, which likely fell down into the engine bay, thus making it easy to forget.
While you have your air filter out, might as well give it a good cleaning. I use a bucket, simple green, and a bristle brush.
After completing the job, stand back and appreciate having saved like $1000 or whatever in exchange for about 2 hours of your life!
*edit* plugs torqued to 22ft/lbs, no threadlocker or anti seize on the threads, duh!

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