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I can't believe what I'm reading...your thinking about how much your going to get back when you sell it when you havn't even driving .01 miles....seriously what is this world coming to, buy the car worry about all the stuff later....
i know its silly and i deserve that, but being a new car virgin do not know wether i will loose 20k over 2 years buying it new, or 10k over 2 years buying it used. I guess what im asking is driving experiance will be the same new or used but its wether you wana loose nearly double for being the first kid on the block with the beast! i suppose with every new car your hit with a bigger hit on depreciation, any 1 bought a new E46 M3 sold it after 2-3 years?? what did you pay and what did you get back for it? i am clueless with depreciation always end up with getting car easily and struggling to sell!! want to try to make the right choice! Thankyou!! ps i still am 90% for getting it new because i just cant wait!! #1 at dealer for 4 door