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Originally Posted by FifthStreetz View Post
Installed the Lux kit for the E92, going to review it real quick and give the pros and cons of the kit.

The highlight of the kit is that it gives a very bright and very defined rings, especially the outer rings. From far away there is no blob effect and has very sharp and defined lines. The color is pure white, perhaps future variants will offer different tones but the color is pure white and looks great.

The installation is very similar to Camaross' installation process. But the kit is plug and play, obviously its a bit more invasive than the AngeliBright kit, but in terms of price and brightness you cant beat Lux.

Now ill let the pictures do the talking...I couldnt get any direct sun pics but I can tell you the only con would be that they are not as bright in direct sun as the HIDs. But all LED kits seems to suffer a bit from this.

Here is a video, not the best of quality since its from a standard point and shoot camera, but you get the point on brightness, and there is no blob effect in real life, its so bright that it over saturates my crappy camera.

looks great! have you seen/can you compare to aib's? Looks like the rings are not as evenly lit as aib's but thi may be angle. also, the lux do seem brighter.