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2 New Swissvax Waxes: Blau Weiss (for BMW's) and Glacier

Swissvax Official Press Release:

Each time we bring out a marque specific wax we have to expect positive and critical reactions. That's normal and understandable. The main question will always be: Is it just a marketing hype or is there really a benefit in choosing these waxes? The question arose 9 years ago when we launched "Zuffenhausen" for modern Porsche cars (meanwhile this wax has become a benchmark for treatments on Porsche paints and nobody questions its credentials anymore) or "Nitro" for nitrocellulose paints.

Contrary to other manufacturers, Swissvax's marque specific waxes do not cost significantly more than their serial counterparts (Zuffenhausen CHF 149 versus Saphir CHF 146, a difference of less than 2 ... due to smaller label printing badges etc.). An indication Swissvax has no intentions to "milk" customers.

Our serial waxes ONYX (standard wax with 30% Carnauba by vol.), SAPHIR and SHIELD (Premium waxes with 40% Carnauba by vol.) have to be effective on all automotive paints; they must perform on Japanese paint systems as good as on modern "nano paints" (Ceramicoat by Mercedes-Benz), high definition metallics and micatallics (VW Golf V, Audi A6 etc.) or old thermo acrylics used in the 60's and 70's etc. In other words they are always a compromise as they must do the splits for all paint systems.

A marque specific wax has only to match the needs of the paint system(s) this marque uses. This enables us to "tune" the wax formulation to these paints only. The advantage will be a highly improved longevity and sometimes also a solution for typical paint problems of this marque - the shine between serial and marque specific waxes, however, are virtually the same.

Blau Weiss: These waxes last longer on BMW cars than our serial Saphir wax (imporoved longevity). Furthermore, "cures" the highly scratch sensitive finish of X3's new paints (black, black metallic etc. on X3) in the showroom (solution for typical paint problems).

Glacier: These waxes are for white cars (and for white cars only!). They feature a highly dirt-repellent formulation and fight those ugly black runs after a rain on the paint. And most importantly, those black runs do not eat into the paint anymore. Optical brighteners (similar as in Quick Finish) help to make a white look real shiny.

By the way, for us it is not so much of importance WHO supplies the paint system, it is much more important HOW it was applied. (e.g. PPG paint used on Aston Martin DB7's out of Blocksum production was horribly scratch sensitive, PPG paint used on Lamborghini or Spyker is not ...).

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