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I have a feeling a lot of Bimmer owners are Audi fans- I know I am.
And I wince every time I see Audi make awful decisions- dithering away
over introducing new models while corporate VW continually pulls the plug
on Audi's projects.
Their lineup looks like it'll improve very TT, A5 coupe, new A4.
the R8 uberauto....great stuff.

In the meantime my one and only local Audi dealer has been through 3 sets of owners in the last 6 years.
The showroom is 2 converted double-wide housetrailers shoved together...honest....this in a city of nearly 2 million people.
Audi of NA nixed a deal for the local BMW dealer to buy the Audi franchise a coupla years ago.
Instead Audi sold it to a mid-west super-chain who put nothing into improvements, busted the mechanics union, and recently re-sold it to a chain that until now has never sold any premium German brands.
(it was said that the land the dealership sits on is worth many times what the dealership can turn over in profits.)
This may not be typical of Audi in your area...I sure hope not, but how Audi N/A could let a festering problem in a top-30 market go on for years is enough for me to seriously admire Audi's...from afar.