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Fcuking mod bug!!!

So some of you know a couple months back I was thinking of selling my car, I even spent $80-90 and put the car up on and not to mention craigslist etc etc. I demodded the entire car, I had spent around 7k (wheels/tires, OEM front lip, CF grilles, painted reflectors, HID fogs, SSTT, AA BOV, springs, SSK, M nkob...etc etc) and I stripped all the mods off and sold them for literally 30-50% off what I paid. As an example my Work T1S' I bought (with tires/mounted balanced/shipped) for around 3k) sold it for 2300...(after ONLY 1 month, perfect condition!!)

So after posting up my car, I had around 4-5 people interested, even a guy who was going to drive down from Vermont to get the car...but for some reason I didnt want to let it go.

I knew selling it, would've meant a big loss especially in the first year of ownership...I thought about a C63 (then I saw they wanted 70k, no discount from MSRP). For a while I thought maybe get something which uses less gas etc (I get 21-22 mpg average) but still couldnt let it go...

So fast forward to August I finally decided to keep the car...

NOW, Ive been starting to slowly MOD the damn car again...and I find myself buying back alot of similar (if not the same parts) LOL...

I'm kind of pissed at myself for not really thinking it through the first time around.............

So anyways, anybody else here who has this goddamn addiction and cannot stop modding?!?! It's like everyday I'm thinking of what to buy next.....and once the car is looking perfect/complete, I suddenly have the urge to move onto something else...WTF?!?!?!??!