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Originally Posted by ///Matthew View Post
If this were the case, no one would be running a supercharger on a stock motor.
Originally Posted by ///Matthew View Post
I was approached... There is most certainly a kit coming.
Then we are talking about different cars. The one i know needed a lot of fabrication around the engine in order to be able to fit a relatively big snail there.
Originally Posted by Z K View Post
Yeah.. packaging and compression are big issues. The M3 has a very high compression ratio. If you add turbo to that, your compression will be through the roof and you'll have a very blown motor. The only way I see it working is if you rebuild the motor for lower compression so then you can add boost to it. Also, the block is aluminum so it can't handle high pressures well, you'd have to sleeve and reinforce the block with iron.
Turbo's make it harder for the internals. That's true, but AA Level 3 SC pushes ~9 psi to the internal. Now i know that's 9 psi at top end not mid range, but i think 6 psi from turbo would work flawlesly with stock CR. ///Matthew's car will tell us how far the stock internals can go with boost from something other than a centrifugal supercharger.

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