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Originally Posted by s65e90 View Post
packaging is def the issue due to the tight engine bay. Don't know what you mean about external control as the turbo boost with be controlled via wastegate off the manifold (fine tuned via boost controller). While it will still be cool I could see a twin turbo setup being utilized first due to running separate manifolds and not using a crossover pipe. I would LOVE to see a top mount, right where the airbox is. It would be a mess of piping underneath but seesm like a good spot for a big turbo.

Tuning def seems to be a hurdle, and of course these things being 12.xx compression are def not boost friendly, but they seem to take SCing pretty well. The tuning of the turbo is much more complex as with an SC having a linear curve it's quite easy to get to run right. I think something needs to be done to the stock DME (ala Maximum PSi e46 kit) or an add on - piggy back controller. Pectal is a nice choice of ECU but reall $$.

Mike you should get on this
Yeah.. packaging and compression are big issues. The M3 has a very high compression ratio. If you add turbo to that, your compression will be through the roof and you'll have a very blown motor. The only way I see it working is if you rebuild the motor for lower compression so then you can add boost to it. Also, the block is aluminum so it can't handle high pressures well, you'd have to sleeve and reinforce the block with iron.

The costs and difficulties involved is simply not worth it. You are much better off buying a car with turbo from the factory than trying to add it to a engine that is not built for boost.
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