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Originally Posted by koreez88 View Post
Use Midi controller to get the grasp of it. Then upgrade to a nice set of players and mixer and ditch the laptop. Get yourself a nice comfortable set of headphones that you could wear for hours.

That's what I did back in the day. Now, I own a personal set of Pioneer CDJ2000s and DJM900NSX and am booked for 2 club events this month.

You can do it.
I agree here. Start with an entry level midi controller to grasp the idea of mixing, effects, etc. In college, I used a $200 Numark controller that helped me out tremendously. After I graduated, I went out and bought Technic 1210 turntables and a Rane ttm57sl mixer. Also, I run Serato, which tends to be the easiest/industry standard for many dj's, old school and new. Having the laptop is essential, specifically due to the amount of tracks you can store. Lugging around crates of records and the cost of purchasing multiple versions of the same track is just not a desirable process anymore. Best piece of advice I can give you is to practice as much as you can, make it a hobby, then turn it into a business. And KNOW your music!

Best of luck!