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car got keyed

When to the bank to cash my check today and after I came out of the bank my car passenger side rear fender got keyed and passenger side rear tire got slashed. Called the 911, took them 40mins to get there and officer told me there was nothing he can do but make a report, because he don't see security cameras in the parking lot. Made me write a report and left. I wasn't satisfied with the way he helped me, he didn't even try. So, I ask the manager if there was a security cameras that can see the parking lot, he said yes, and he will check it out see what happen. After few mins he came out and said he looked at the video in fast pace mod and there are cameras in the parking lot that shows my car and can zoom in close, but he can't show me the video. He only can show it to a police office. So, I call 911 again, 1 hr later a office come by. I told him what happen to my car and there were security cameras that in the parking lot. He told me he will check out the video and call me if anything. And he said the only way to catch whoever keyed my car, the video have to show every thing, not just a person walk by my car. ( In the video it have to show the person's hand with a object key the car in the right angle) fuck

To all the Expert, will wet sand and wax take out the keyed marks?
Which number wet sand or steps should I use.


Try it myself with wet sand, didn't like it because I can still see it if I'm close..

Paid a shop $800 to get it paint it, 100% matched.

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