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Originally Posted by SYT_Shadow View Post
VERY nice M33!!!!

I have a MCB E92 on order although I've never seen the color in person.

I will definitely ask for a ride once you're all set!

What is the target HP? Around 725 crank like Drew?

As you're already changing rods, isn't it simple to get the 4.4L GTS style conversion and then aim for 800hp?
Aiming towards 800hp would only give you problems with the DCT transmission. Since there are no successful upgrades at this point it is wise to cap the power at around ~650whp (I think drew was able to hit something like ~640-665rwhp SAE on EAS dyno, so right around there). The 6-speeds can probably get away with turning the boost up a bit more and maxing out the V3 blower (like izzy's vt3 6speed).

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