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Ok, I have a bit of a dilemma. I looked quick at the tips when I received them a few days ago, but got a closer look today, and noticed something weird. I'd like your guys input. It is hard to tell from this pic, but if you look close you can see that the tips, although rolled at the end, are not double walled.

So the rounded edge at the end just sort of rolls back 180 degrees and then stops parallel to the outer edge (it doesn't roll all the way around so that it closes - hard to explain, hopefully you now what I mean. It makes sort of a "J" shape if you were to slice it). This creates sort of a cup all around the outer edge of the tip. I realize these are prototype tips, but what do you guys think about that.. I'm worried about some sort of harmonic or whistle, and it will be a huge pita and a lot of work to revert back if they do make noise. This is sort of a big risk in my mind.

I was really hoping they would be double walled like the other CYBA tips.. This is a really tough decision because they do look awesome and to be honest, just like the pics, its hard to spot that they are not double-walled from a distance, and I would guess that it gets even harder to spot once some exhaust soot adheres in there. Thoughts?

BTW, Sam and I are supposed to get together to weld this week, but that may or may not happen. No date set..
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