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Originally Posted by W Cole View Post
FYI to anyone else doing the swap. Bolt #1 on the rear suspension (see photo in post above) does not need to be removed. Just put two wheel lugs into the hub and use your leg or a buddy to put some downward pressure on the suspension and you should be able to get the spring out, the shorter OEM spring should go in even easier.

This bolt is a bit of a pain to line up correctly and its very easy to damage the lower control arm ball joint/bushing when re-installing so its probably best not to remove if you don't have to.

When re-tightening bolt #2.. Before starting the install measure from the center of the hub to fender at normal ride height and then mimic this measurement using a hydraulic jack to compress the suspension when tightening to avoid any undue stress on the bushing.
I tried this method of not removing the bolt, I could not get it to work. I even broke out a small jack and jacked the suspension down to try to get the spring out, no go.

In the end I removed the bolt. 1 side took me 5 minutes to get the bolt back in. The other side took an hour!!!! That bolt is a huge pain, very easy to damage the ball joint.

The front is a breeze.