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haven't gotten past the first paragraph....

but i will say if he took winstrol.... he wouldn't be as pudgy looking as he's looked.... in fact winstrol is a very dry steroid...

similar thing with trenbolone....

test deconate... sure maybe thats all water he's keeping in
HGH can also give you a somewhat bloated look too but depends....

"According to the book, Bonds gulped as many as 20 pills at a time and was so deeply reliant on his regimen that he ordered Anderson to start "cycles" -- a prescribed period of steroid use lasting about three weeks -- even when he was not due to begin one. Steroid users typically stop usage for a week or two periodically to allow the body to continue to produce natural testosterone; otherwise, such production diminishes or ceases with the continued introduction of synthetic forms of the muscle-building hormone."

thats wrong... a cycle is generally 8-14 weeks or so... and time on = time off... it takes more than one to two weeks to get your natty levels up...

a user of B. Bonds caliber wouldn't use just clomid either... maybe HCG tossed in there, etc

article kinda conveys its point... but the details are waaay off....