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Originally Posted by M3Bahn View Post
Two vs. the 1,614 verified architectural and engineering professionals who signed the petition on

Ok, I'll go with you guys...

As stated the opinions of architects and anyone other than a meche or structural engineer are useless in this context

Also, it is sour logic to make the connection that simply because a lot of people are behind something that that is the correct solution. So I say so what? Thats how science works. Stephen Hawking proved Einsteins theory of black holes to be incorrect. Did the scientific community (thousands of scientists) not believe him because he was one man with an idea? No they listened to him and listened to all of the evidence offered by Hawking.

Ive listened to the evidence presented by this organization and with the help of a few other people have disputed and offered a reasonable and likely alternative to each piece of evidence offered.

just because you dont agree doesnt mean that we arent correct

Youre acting like we are simply talking out of our asses with no background in any of this. Which isnt the case, the opposite is true actually.

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