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Please, Please talk me out of a GTR

EDIT - Since this thread has turned into an epic never ending story, I thought I'd note for the record that I went from an M3, to a GTR and now back to a M3... !! For me, my m3 is much more fun on the track compared to the GTR..

Guys... please, I'm begging you all... somehow talk me out of a GT-R ... ever since I sat in a friend's GTR a month ago, I've gone crazy.. I keep having GT-R dreams and keep thinking of selling my M3 to get the new 2012 GTR...

From the logical point of view -

its the stupidest thing I could do .. I just bought my M3 less than a year ago. I've put in a few mods into it already. Pure cash-wise, I can sell the M3 and get a GT-R.. but I would be taking a obvious hit... I also know the GTR is more expensive to maintain (but not much more... several maint. myth's are floating around the net).. and it would be more expensive to run on the track...

Emotionally -

I'm in love ... Every few days I get the GTR fever and then make plans to stop driving the M3 and then sell it ... then I start to reason logically and somehow get out of the emotional state.... the GTR is a beast... the acceleration .. BRUTAL! .. the looks .. AGGRESSIVE!... damn!! .. I keep thinking .. I can get one now.. its almost within reach...


also one word of advice - do not drive/or sit in a GTR! .. until you're ready to buy one..

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