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BMWE90: I know finding a partner/investor is hard. I have met with many millionaires in the past year-year and a half. I really think itís my age that gets to them. They all agree that I have the right plans, building plans, etc but to invest that kind of money to me is a downside. Start small I can do. All I need is a small garage with a lift I guess build the CSL debut that and follow on get attention from investors/partners and move buildings. Opening up a tuning shop is not hard. As long as you know the tuners for the cars you want to tune, where to get them, and have a team ready to install. Other than that you pay the bills for electricity, company, water, taxes, etc and youíre good. Keep promoting and your there. Keeping it simple is key in business. I know for a fact this is what I want to do its just starting it that is the hard part. I have all the resources and more than enough knowledge to get started, and your right I donít know the real technical stuff about cars like capacitators but tuning wise Iím good.

Leejoobin: Are you Korean by any chance? Like any company to start they need to debut a special car. WCC now has their Project Shelby which I believe debuted their new shop, Unique had many debuts, and CEC numerous debuts from all their brands. The CSL in the US will be a first. Once I have all the parts it would take me 20-25 days max to build it then off to D/A or AA for the custom software it needs to run the max c/f intake and cams. I donít want to ask my parentís for money. Like them I want to venture out on my own find my own ways and get established.

Expired: Of course people tune their cars. I too used to be like no one tunes but later on you notice the world is so big and there are so many things that we donít see. Take a look at companies like CEC, WCC, Unique, and Wicked. People love buying tuned cars to make themselves stick out; either that or they are a enthusiast.

335rocket: That is great. A home is the best investment you will make. My uncle has a apartment in the upper east side of Manhattan and that small place is more expensive then my two floor regular house lol. The biggest and best step in life is buying a home. Grats and GL with that.

Jmramos44: thanks for the support!!

SE3P: College I believe has nothing to do with a tuning shop. Its either you majoring in business which I am doing right now or going to a school like Wyotech to learn about cars. Expecptations are pretty realistic. Im not hoping someone would throw down the cash for me. Ive been searching for a year to a half now and will continue college until I can find someone to start with. It is a big leap but if some of the guys I spoke to really took me more seriously despite my age it would have been gold. Having a degree from Harvard wonít do you any good in a car tuning shop. Itís the work you do with cars that displays your capabilities and potential. Investor wise, I see your point on the college degree from a top tier school. But I believe for a car tuning business its more the plans, marketing, etc you show them that will get their attention. Not one of the many millionaires I met with asked what college I am attending. They all liked the plan but from my age I believe is the downfall and having doubts of my capabilities. The $100k+ I made from eBay of course I will invest into the company. Over the years eBay got really strict about auctions and they ultimately came to conclusion my auctions were not ligitament items thus I canít sell anymore. But I have made a good amount from just selling digital items which got delivered through e-mail.