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Originally Posted by CPWINCH View Post
great driving for your first time! car sounds good
Well not my first time on the track, but my first time on this track. The 155mph on the banked oval was awesome!

Originally Posted by m33 View Post
Awesome Lare !

Pretty good driving skills I wish we had something like this here in the east coast
But I have a great Idea , I ship my car out there and spend 2weeks and writhing that time I attended a track event , just have to plan it right...
Thanks and Yes Yes Yes! We need to do this! There are track events almost every weekend here now. Just get your arse out here already!

Originally Posted by Nate@IND View Post
Doing work
Thanks Man!

Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Looks good.

Originally Posted by NoM3ForMe View Post

That first picture is pure sex.
Thanks! I may take the high res shot and make a poster out of it!

Originally Posted by nerwyll@trinityautosport View Post
looking good thanks for sharing =)

Originally Posted by CarbonFoot View Post
That thing looks like fun!
Oh yes it is, believe me!

Originally Posted by positiveions View Post
looks good.
Too bad for that McLaren.
Thanks! Yeah, really sux for the McLaren. That car is such a beauty!

Originally Posted by GTM_Challenge View Post
Looking good Lare! Might wanna step up to clubsports or another coloilver with some stiffer rates if you are going to run Rcomps. adding sways could help some too. The higher loads from the r comps are going to give it more roll on a soft suspension
I could not agree with you more. After this event and that the M3 is gone I am going to have to really beef up the suspension on the Baby M. I almost went with slicks too, so I'll definitely need a stiffer setup for that. I am open to ideas and suggestions if someone would like me to test out some 1M suspension for them.

Originally Posted by Kriston View Post
So Lare,

M3 or 1M? that is the question..
Well, the M3 is Sold.... so that means it's the Baby M!
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