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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Although I don't have proof, I'm pretty sure that is not the case, and DSC is doing all sorts of minor interventions--especially with the brakes--in the background even when the light is off. The light does light up during major interventions such as a power cut/reduction though.
You know, that same weekend my instructor was driving an 08 M3 with the DSC off. Although he went right through a set of stock pads (and a set of another brand) he didn't overheat either set. I know he was on the brakes a lot harder than I so that was one mystery I couldn't figure out.

Here's a stupid question, why don't car companies (or at least those producing cars suitable for track use) put brake pad and fluid temperature sensors on their cars? That question is doubly appropriate when the company in question has a comment like in the BMW M3 manual that states that the brakes were not designed for track use. One would assume that the engine and suspension were but that just the brakes were not. Don't worry about ruining your engine at the track although you might not be able to stop before you hit that wall...engine first . Why would consumers pay a lot of money for a car with an engine and suspension designed for track use but want a car who:

1) Doesn't have a brake system designed for track use.
2) Doesn't have a safety system in place to warn you when you've exceeded the limits of the inadequate system.
3) Doesn't have a viable manufacturer option that is suitable for track use.

I'd guess it's because most consumers don't know that's the real deal and don't ever discover how they've been had. Interesting situation. The only solace I have is that as inadequate as the M3's situation is I believe the other cars in this class are equally or more so inadequate. I hope I don't eat those words because I'd rather get after market pads for the M3 than own any of those other cars. I hope that addresses the problem because the reality is you can't fully enjoy this car anyplace but on a track and what fun that is