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Originally Posted by sayemthree View Post
yeah thats wierd. I read that too but have not asked. my guess is BMW printed that becuase in Europe they have BMW track pads available, but decided not to make them avaialble here.

Since your delaer gave you free reign to use stock pads ( I would document it), then go ahead and do that. or if you put on track pads, save the stock pads and put them back on if you go in for any future brake (rotor?) service.

what I have heard is dealers dont want you in for new pads every 5000 miles. every 15,000 to 20,000 seems ok tho.
Just a quick follow up to my first post. When I went to pick up the car the mechanic was very helpful. He didn't feel I did anything wrong with the car and he felt I was driving it "like it was supposed to" (he stressed this point, but I feel it was his perspective and not necessarily BMWs). Having said that, he pretty much said that I should consider using another brand (ie. non-BMW) of pads in the future when driving "spiritedly".

This was my second track event ever. The first track event I had no trouble with the brakes or pads and ran with full DSC on for two days in the D group of a BMW CCA event. The second event I noticed a very minor brake vibration after the first day and I ran with MDM on in the C group also of a BMW CCA event. The vibration disappeared on the drive home and was undetectable after arriving at the track on day two. On the third run of the second day that little vibration become a big vibration and I stopped for the day. My instructor feels that I was ready to move to B group. I think I'm driving the car properly, with a good line and braking when I'm supposed to and not randomly. I would slide the back out a little coming out of some turns but very rarely enough to engage the stability control.

The point is that even owners new to this sort of driving might consider getting another brand of brake pad if you intend to drive the car like it's advertised even with the protections on. You may be fine for a short while but that doesn't mean you'll always be fine and you may find a shop that will replace worn parts or you may not. I don't really know what BMW's official stand on this is?

I doubt that the people that will find this information useful will read it before it's too late but just in case...