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Originally Posted by advancedlogic View Post
Judging by a posted document from a corporate attorney referencing a potential libel suit, I would be remiss to post anything or say anything that attacks the character of their client, or can be construed under the definition of libel.

Read this: for more information as to why. Other resources presented strictily for informational purposes only, are below. Corporate counsel exist for a reason, and can be quite effective at getting blood out of turnips. Just be careful everyone.
I am not sure but I don't think some of those cases would apply. You would still have to prove intent and prove that what was being written were lies. Didn't the BMW club president guy post that the Dealer's internet guy did call and say the very same thing that Dooma posted?

Originally Posted by BMW M5 Power View Post
... Fil did NOT even know about this situation until after the Internet sales guy tried to squash his screw-up, which is what it was, by some quick footwork that didn't obviously work ...

Jeff Gomon, President
Missouri Valley Chapter, BMW CCA
Lincoln, NE

I am just wondering if one would be able to get a trail by jury? Do you really think a dealership would get a sympathetic jury?