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Originally Posted by bmw-m6 View Post
i'm still sure both organizations share some sort of mutually beneficial relationship, indirectly, if not directly ( "you're a bmw aficianado, let me recommend HAG, where many of our members have bought bmw...").
I agree except for one thing. I usually don't meet these people until AFTER they buy a car. They choose where to buy them on their own. I don't ever recommend one dealer over the other. My standard reply is to take it where you bought it for service. If a member is not happy, I tell them to try the other dealership. It is never my purpose to pit one dealership against another. Seriously, I really have little contact before the sale. I will put a recruitment card on a BMW in a parking lot to join, and have gotten MANY memberships that way. When I get the member roster, it doesn't say where they bought their car....they are just chapter members. In the rare occaision that I get asked before they buy, I say to check the options at both dealerships and see where you feel most comfortable you are getting the deal and car that is right for you. I have many many friends and master mechanics at both dealerships and am confident in recommending either....really.


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