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Originally Posted by Desert Rat View Post
I am a new member but have been following this thread from the start. I am a retired vehicle dealer and can see both sides of this saga. From the start I have been in Dooma's corner and was happy to hear the dealership agreed to the original terms. The dealership also agreed to cover transportation, that sounds like an apology for this whole mess.

Now the dealership has set a reasonable time limit on closing this transaction and even extended that time for another three days. It is up to Ken to complete this during this time period. If the leasing company Ken has chose is not acceptable to the dealership then Ken needs to find one that is or go through the dealership for the lease. Most times when the car is sold or leased the dealership must send the MSO (Manufacturers Statement of Origin) to the financing or leasing company before payment is made. So dealers work with companies they are sure will get payment to them in a timely manor. I can understand the dealership not wanting to send the car to California and the MSO to a company they have never heard of.

Before you flame me, think about it. Would sell a vehicle to a stranger, pay the shipping to take the vehicle more than 1,000 miles away then send off the title somewhere else to someone you had never heard of and then wait for payment.

If not completed by the deadline the dealership has every right to close the books on this.

Your perspective is appreciated, as is the BMW CCA chapter president who has added to this thread. I think it's important to step back, take a few breaths, holster the kerosene torches and pitchforks and try to at least look at it from Fil's point of view.

Having done that, the problem I still have with Husker's dealings and with what you wrote above, is this: Had Ken's offer been for the "Buy It Now" price, or for something close to MSRP, I have zero doubt in my mind that Husker would have readily accepted financing from whatever source Ken lined up, packed the M3 on the shipping truck, and closed out the deal. Granted, there are mitigating factors, such as the harassment the dealer endured, but that is not something the buyer engaged in or encouraged in any way. The crux of the matter remains that the dealer is looking for an escape because of the amount of the financing, not because of the source.
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