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Originally Posted by s99ane View Post
Dar don't be daft. If 80 is pushing the budget then (Im not gonna say it)

On the other hand if you have a headlight failure a new unit is 1300
A wing mirror is 900

God knows what a replacement engine should you have a catastrophic failure.

Do the smart thing and get the warranty. You can pay monthly.
It's not that 80 a month would be 'pushing the budget', just that I'd prefer to keep my hands on that 80 a month than give it away on the off chance of something bad happening to my M3. Most of us are in cost cutting mode right now, but I certainly don't need or intend to sell the car!

You talk of headlight and wing mirror failures, but on all the cars I've ever owned, I've never had 'failures' on such items other than bulbs and having a wing mirror knocked off - neither of which would be covered by my 951 a year extended warranty.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I suspect paying monthly pushes the premium up even further, one reason I always pay my insurances as a one off payment each year.

As I said before, I just have a deep dislike of insurance in general, paying out on the off chance that something bad might happen. I guess where the M3 is concerned, cars are only just beginning to reach 3years old so there aren't really any long-term statistics on reliability. That said, I would hope that a 'quality' brand like BMW would be built to last a bit longer than 3years. I just resent having to pay BMW a grand EVERY year that I own the car to protect me against their engineering.

Clearly some people do more miles in one year than I have on my car in 3years and for them I can see it makes perfect sense to cover themselves.

But I'll await to receive my quote from BMW in due course, and then way up my options - I'd certainly like to keep their breakdown/recovery cover assuming doing so also extends the Google 'send to car' feature.
It's arrived, e93 M3 Convertible: M-DCT, JzB / extended BB, and most of the options.