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My turn to arrive at the end of the manufacturer 3yr warranty.. got my invite in the post..

Cheked prices online for BMW
- 0 excess = 1135 annual or 113/month
- 100 excess = 984 or 90/month
- 250 excess = 796 or 73/month

Emergency service is an additional 101 pounds/year, 9/month
My m3 has less than 30k miles fwiw.

I find it rather expensive.. but could live with it. My main concern is that the "vehicle is not modified in ANY way". Which is not at the moment but i dream about an akra/other exhaust.. and upgrading brakes with some better pads/fluid/hoses. Any idea if these are deemed to be consumables so i can fit whatever i want.. or not ?

I had a quick look at alternative insurance policies which would get around that issue but have potential less coverage :

Warranty direct seems to be quoting 1007 with some basic UK recovery similar to BMW (the one without the emergency service), but misterious excess.. nothing to be found on the website on the matter. Main things missing seem to be cover for all in-car entertainment systems & some engine components :

- Lamps & xenon discharge, batteries, fuses, and connectors, in-car audio and entertainment systems or navigational systems.
- Exhaust gasket, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, auxiliary drive belts, brackets, mountings, pipes and hoses, water ingress, cables other than clutch cables.
- Notwithstanding exclusion 11 of the policy, this covers the cylinder head gasket and seal or gasket replacement that necessitates the removal of the engine, gearbox/drive unit or differential unit to carry out repairs (this sounds more targeted at Porsche than us..).

I think some components you can "force" them to include them into the policy in writing.. but would need to check with them.

AA seem to cover more "engine" but similarly excludes incar entertainment system, abs.. xenons.. etc.. you can only opt back for abs, AC and catalytic converter..

Any thoughts ? what did you guys end up going for ? Anybody ever made a claim with aftermarket exhaust / pads or other ?