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Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
Yep, mind games costed cowboy that fight, no question about it. Did you hear about the BJJ exhibition match no snow? 2nd time now >_>
No ''show"?

Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
There's nobody in this weight division more suited in facing Also at this point. KZ will bring it to him. He's been shocking everyone lately but you have to remeber, the big difference in this KZ compared to the older KZ is that he's smarter now, he's just not running into stuff and brawling like before. He's a more mindful fighter that can still take a lot of dmg.

I too don't think he'll win but I think the match will be FOTN and potentially FOTY candidate. If things go past round 3, I'm certain Aldo will be gassed as well. KZ fights and a very constant pace and is always trying to finish.
I dunno, the only time I seen Aldo gas was his fight against Hominick, but that was supposedly due to his weight cut. I think Aldo is too fast/powerful for him, but anything can happen.