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Originally Posted by jm1234 View Post
So, your trying to measure every lb in a luxury sport racer? Pull the AC, pull the rear seat, pull the dash (replace with an aluminum shell to hold the tach and spedo). But, is that really the car you paid $70K for? If you do that, why have a muffler? Pull the cats too, carpet. Strip the trunk and headliner...

If you're willing to pull the nice comfy seats and replace them with lightweight ones where are you drawing the line between removing comfort and reducing weight? The things you are doing might add up to 100 lbs. Will that really make a handling difference and wouldn't it be cheaper from an acceleration and cost/benefit perspective to add horsepower?
I once went down this path. I ended up with a car that was neither fun on the track or street. So I put the E46 back to stock and bought the elise for the track.

Now I choose comfort or a 1500lbs weight reduction based on which key I grab in the morning.

Now I am doing 2 things for the BMW. I have the wheels which I bought to help fix the understeer by adding more front tire and give me wheels on which ot mount race tires. I will also be doing a sway bar set for the car, the idea there is to control the lean in corners with a minimal impact on comfort.

Keep the car cival on the street but a big increase in weekend fun when I run with the BMW club at their autocrosses.
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