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buschy .. you again! .. just won't give up will you .. :)

Well .. ask yourself .. what part of the car do you spend the most time looking at .. THE DASH (of course we have those OCD folks that just sit on the steps of their garage and admire the car all day long or wash their car all day long .. but I digress).

So .. if you LIKE the extended GO with the extended. BB is one color where the extended leather is noticeable AND looks good and I would love to have it .. though as some mentioned .. it is overpriced. I would also like to get every option that the regular 3-series cars do NOT have to differentiate it even more .. that's the snob in me ... no offense intended.

18 vs. 19 .. looks-wise no doubt .. the 19" is the better looking wheel (and a great value for a forged wheel). That being said on the E90/SEDAN .. the choice gets a bit interesting. The E90 has a more masculine profile than the svelte lines of E92/E93 (note .. I am NOT saying if you drive a couple/convert .. you're feminine ). Those masculine lines seem to really compliment the dark rims with those huge & thick tires giving it a real track beast look .. so my vote goes for the 18".

In addition 18" wheels do drive a bit softer, has a better feel and according to some handle a bit better (all purely subjective if you ask me).