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Few question about ordering....(might sound stupid lol)

Hi everyone, I'm new on the forum and my previous cars were bought from the dealer, so this will be the first time ordering a car with exactly what I want(got the X5 without the premium sound that I really wanted)'s a few questions that I want to ask...they might sound stupid but, I'm a noob here,lol....
1. I'm a little conservative on buying a 1st year production model, so does anyone know when will M3 go into the 2nd production year, or have all the 1st year issues fixed? or, does the 1st year model have that much issues need to be fixed?
2. if I want to order a car with a production date around Nov or Dec 2008, when should I place the order? is it too early now?
3. what are something that I should be very careful about when dealing with the dealer?
4. Any good dealer recommendations in the Houston area?
thanks guys.... hope these questions aren't too