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Originally Posted by snowmants View Post
Ha yeah I have thought about it, or a Dinan Stage 1 suspension package. I have no doubt it would look better. I am super paranoid about ruining the great suspension that the BMW M engineers spent so much time working on though......
I would also say that when you see the car in person it appears lower than when you see it in photos. I think if I could just drop it .8" in the front I would be happy. I like the rear as-is.
Don't be afraid of suspension mods. The Dinan kit that you were considering has been used on a ton of M3's without the slightest issue. It's actually one of the tamest around. If you're that fearful of ruining your ride, get the sleeve and adjust to your liking. I assure you, neither will ruin you ride if you don't dump it to the ground. Will you have to drive it slowly over bumps and and driveway dips? Well yes, but just as slow as any self respecting enthusiast would.