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Originally Posted by Vbcarguy View Post
Manual Transmission Rattle Help!

I have done a search and cannot seem to find anything.

I have a 2008 m3 with Manual trans. When I am sitting at a light my transmission or clutch makes a ticking sound. When I depress the clutch pedal the sound goes away. Also when I put it in gear it goes away.

I took it to dealer ship and they said that they all do that but mine was just kind of loud.

What should I do. My car is still under warranty.
You should be able to find info by searching but it could be one of the following:

clutch release bearing
clutch unit / dual mass flywheel

The noise and when occurs (as you described) is normal but it shouldn't be loud, like your wife would notice. If you experience any clutch judder or the gearchanges are not smooth, it's more likely to be the clutch unit / flywheel. If just the noise, one of the other two.

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