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Originally Posted by johnnyace View Post
One word on the fresh fluid...SMOOOOOOTH.
Thanks for the update man . Guess that's the right fluid then; I'll probably use the same. Did you measure how much oil came out, and how much did you put in? Did you happen to check the level with your pinkie before draining ? Did you start the engine before checking level (as SM suggests) or not? Wondering how accurate is the 1.8-qt figure. Hope that doesn't include the cooler. The T56 Tremec needs 4.6 qts; 1.8 seems ridiculous to me.

You used the word 'flush', but I'm sure you just did a drain and refill, correct?

Depending on your answer, I might order 4 qts of D4ATF sooner rather than in a year. Why 4? Because with the cooler fluid still there, I'll probably do a second oil change a year later to reduce the percentage of old fluid. Just did myself my annual oil change at 4.4K miles, so I should have less than 10K at the 2-yr anniversary. And yes, I know I could have gotten the oil change for free, but don't want dealer touching my car unless absolutely necessary.

Hey, can you recall if the tranny feels better than when new? Is it less notchy when cold? Give us the details buddy . I want to make sure the benefits outweigh the risk. And by risk I mean the possibility of losing the warranty due to a non-OEM fluid when BMW pays for service. Comments welcome.

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