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Originally Posted by junhyuk8901 View Post
By the way i didnt lowered the car. No spacers. And i have aftermarket rims 19x8.5. Et15 19x9.5 et20
You are rubbing due to the width and offset of your front wheels. The offset is too aggressive and/or the wheel width is too narrow.

With 255/35/19, and 8.5" wheels, you can go to about a max of about 22 mm offset before rubbing. On a 9" wheel you can go to about a 26mm offset before rubbing. A 9.5" wheel will allow you to go to about a 24mm offset. This is also tire dependent, however.

Keep in mind that there is very little room, even with the stock wheels, between the tire edge and the fender liner on full wheel lock. You are looking at just a few mm of clearance. One person's car may rub and another's may not.

I think the best set-up for a 255/275 PSS combo is a 9.5" ET25mm front and a 10" ET20 rear.
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