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Originally Posted by M3takesNYC
Guessing this is a v8? If it is I don't see the "upgrade" as the performance between this and the m3 is non-existent or neglible. Now if it was for simply looks than I totally get it. Or if its a V-10 than forget I said anything!

Also why would he need another daily driver? I don't get those comments as why would you not drive an R8 daily?

If I had a Zonda or something crazy than sure but even a ferrari I would daily drive. Why not?
Yes its a v8. Im not a 0-60 guy, nor do i care about racing stoplight to stoplight. From a performance perspective it definitely feels faster than the M3, even tho i know its not. If you've driven one you know what I mean. The AWD allows for no tire spin off the line which i like more bc i dont have to worry about tire spin like I did on the RWD M. The r8 also feels way more planted and hugs the road so nicely. I came from a supercharged M3 and from a driveability standpoint, i much prefer the R8. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion though.

Regarding looks, this car has gotten more attention in the last 2 days than my M3 got in a year (ive been driving it a lot since Friday). The r8 draws camera phones everywhere, and Ive gotten the same amount of attention from women as from men, young and old, while driving or parked. Its spurred multiple coversations at gas stations and other stores, and when people inside stores see it pull up they come out and stare at the car. I actually didnt expect to get that much attention and have almost been hit twice while driving already from people trying to catch up and take pictures of the car. Its crazy! I like that it puts a smile on people's faces.

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