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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
Try another gas station or rotate the pump a bit when filling. Sometimes holding the pump slightly up at an angle while filling helps too. This means you need to stand and hold the nozzle in while pumping but it'll work. I got this problem frequently in my old Evo. The M3 does it now and then.

The pumps in California have the accordian-style tubes that need to be depressed to engage the pump so no fumes escape. Sometimes the pump senses the tank is full incorrectly because the tube is too far down the hole and fuel backs up as it is going down. Holding the nozzle at a steeper angle makes it shoot straight into the tank and not into the wall of the pipe going to the tank.
I've started to avoid all Shell stations in the area because of this same problem and gone back to Chevron which seems to have the old style pumps. I've had best success with the accordion style by waiting about 5 seconds before pumping, you can hear the air-seal (?) being created. Anecdotal and unscientific at best.