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Exclamation Road Hazard Warning - I 5 Stockton/Tracey

There's a lot of road work going on around Tracey and Stockton on I 5. I strongly recommend avoiding this area if possible. I was traveling from Tracey towards Sacramento.

There are some warning signs that say "uneven pavement surface". What they do not tell you is that you're about to hit what is basically a curb about 2" high!

I was going 65 MPH when we hit the first of these--my Garmin flew off and hit the roof and my wife bit her tongue. I thought I'd blown both tires. I have 18" wheels and I have no doubt with 19s the tires would be blown and the wheels damaged. I'm pretty sure I need an alignment done now. It could have been worse. If I'd been going 75 or 80 I'd hate to think of the damage that would have been done.

At almost every overpass they've cut down road surface in front of the concrete on both sides of the overpass. I moved over to the slow lane and drove 45-50 over each of these spots--bad but not "wreck your suspension bad".

Just wanted to let folks know. I was through there two weeks ago and the road was just fine--but it's not now!