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Originally Posted by E92_SID View Post
WRONG!!! It is now. Some dealers can get ahold of the larger sheets. I know because I have my entire hood done in AVD and it looks SWEET! My dealer has the hook up some how and he was able to get some large sheets.
LOL, OK. Take it easy. They are making it in 48" widths now... so I guess it is wide enough. Just remember, there is Avery Denison film and also the Nano Fusion film...two seperate films. I also find it interesting that neither Avery Denison nor Pro-Form Designs (who solely uses Avery films) offer or even mention Nano Fusion in a width wide enough to do your hood. The pattern is 55" wide which means 48" film wont fit it. But what do I know, I only install the stuff for a living.