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Originally Posted by TrackRat View Post
Pin holes and wavy surfaces are NOT quality workmanship, they are product defects. Anyone selling stuff like this should be convicted for fraud. These parts certainly we're produced in an autoclave as they should be.
Pinholes are a result of the resins and/or gelcoat gassing off, they are normal. Could vorsteiner go the extra step to re-sand and re-prime to help fill these pinholes, sure. Do I want them to? No I personally do not. I want a minimum amount of material on any part that i am painting and attaching my warranty and reputation to. In most cases i strip off whatever primer comes on any body kit to insure that only products being mixed under my roof are in between the raw product and the finished painted product. Wavy surfaces? The only wavy issue discussed in this thread is orange peel in the primer that is a result of air and fluid being atomized in a spray gun and "puddling" on the surface its being sprayed on. This is sanded smooth when being prepped for paint.