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With the exception of what you are calling fiberglass underneath the powerdome(not sure hard to tell), everything else is what i would call completely normal as far as bodykits are concerned. I have done alot, I mean alot of body kits in my life, $20k Mansory Bentley kits, $12k+ Porsche TechArt kits, Genuine AcSchnitzer kits, factory porsche kits, factory AMG kits, they have all had these types of flaws. Pinholes normal, texture in the primer(come on, really?)normal, side vents not fitting right(clearly popped out of place, not installed properly), takes a little effort that is to be expected with a custom body kit, right? As much as i would like these parts to fit perfectly and be ready to scuff and paint they never are.
Price tag is what it is for a reason. What do you think it costs a bodykit company to prototype one of these kits? Over $100k! Sometimes 2 times that amount. They may be lucky to break even after selling 20 of them, which at this point close to a year in they are lucky if they have sold 10. Its a limited production kit, how many people out there can afford the labor alone to paint and install one of these kits even if you were to get the parts for free.
By the way, I have installed 3 of these kits so far and I think they are a very well made kit, all things considered.
Isnt this the car thats overseas? To me this post stinks of trying to smear vorsteiner.

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